Tackley Newsletter

Deadline: 20 November for December issue

Test your knowledge: farms

Our October 2020 issue carried a map of the villages surrounding Tackley, inviting readers to match the numbered locations to an alphabetical list of current or historic farms. You can:


  1. Holt Farm
  2. New Barn Farm
  3. Leys Farm
  4. Home Farm
  5. Lower Dornford Farm
  6. Old Man Leys Farm
  7. Wood Farm
  8. Sansom’s Farm
  9. Upper Weaveley Farm
  10. Lower Whitehill Farm
  11. Field Barn Farm
  12. Upper Campsfield Farm
  13. Greenhill Farm
  14. Diamond Farm
  15. Frogsnest Farm
  16. College Farm
  17. Staplehurst Farm
  18. Stonehouse Farm
  19. Park Farm
  20. Dewars Farm